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March 27, 2023

22-Guilty Until Proven Innocent~Michael Morton Exonerated

22-Guilty Until Proven Innocent~Michael Morton Exonerated
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Sometimes investigators get it really wrong. In 1986, after Michael Morton left his home in the suburbs of Austin, Texas for a regular day at work, his wife, Christine, was brutally murdered while their three-year-old son, Eric, watched. Upon returning home from work, he discovered that he was the prime suspect in her murder, due to a note he had left her that morning…six weeks later he was arrested.  In 1987, he was sentenced to life in prison.  Ken Anderson, the District Attorney, withheld key evidence which was later discovered by the Innocence Project. This evidence ultimately freed Michael Morton in October 2011, after he spent nearly 25 years in prison as an innocent man.  DNA exonerated him and pointed to Christine’s real killer!  Could his reputation and relationships be repaired after 25 years?

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Michael Morton

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