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Oct. 16, 2022

4-A Valedictorian Killer: The Suhs

4-A Valedictorian Killer:  The Suhs

A traditional South Korean immigrant family's American dream turns into a nightmare when a devious sister manipulates her younger valedictorian brother into committing murder.  How far would you go to be loyal to an evil family member? 

Infamous 1993 Bucktown Murderer Says He Deserves a Second Chance

Where Are Catherine and Andrew Suh Now? 'Dateline' Investigates the Killer Siblings

The House of Suh - Variety

Robert O’Dubaine Murder: How Did He Die? Who Killed Robert O’Dubaine? Update

Teen was part of sensational murder, now seeks clemency - Near West

Dateline NBC: Twisted Loyalty on Apple Podcasts

From paradise to jailhouse: Fugitive 'goddess' led a life of fraud, lies and murder – Chicago Tribune

Watch Suhs | Killer Siblings (oxygen.com)

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