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Nov. 14, 2022

8-Daddy’s Girl, Cinnamon Brown

8-Daddy’s Girl, Cinnamon Brown

Our case today is a tangled enmeshed mess on so many levels.  Wife and mother Linda Brown was murdered on March 19th, 1985 in her bed and the main suspects were the people that lived in her home.  Everyone had different stories about what took place, but Linda's stepdaughter, 14-year-old Cinnamon Brown confessed she shot Linda and was convicted of murder.  Years later,  it was discovered she didn't act alone, thanks to a savvy investigator.  The murder plot was orchestrated by her manipulative lying sex addict father, David, and Linda’s younger sister, Patty.   Find out where everyone landed 37 years later! 

Did Cinnamon Brown's father make her a killer? Inside the true crime case 

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Young Killer in Murder Plot Freed : Legal system: Cinnamon Brown, then 14, was imprisoned for shooting her stepmother. She later revealed that 1985 slaying was set up by her father. - Los Angeles Times

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An Almost Perfect Murder : David Brown Finally Will Pay for His Fatal Manipulation of Others - Los Angeles Times



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