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Aug. 28, 2022

The 1966 Bricca Family Murders. Interview with Cincinnatian Author of “Summer’s Almost Gone” JT Townsend

The 1966 Bricca Family Murders.  Interview with Cincinnatian Author of “Summer’s Almost Gone” JT Townsend

Join us for an exclusive interview with special guest JT Townsend, author of the true crime novel ’SUMMER'S ALMOST GONE’.   His book focuses on the now 56-year-old unsolved case of the beautiful Bricca Family in suburbia Cincinnati. 

As an armchair detective, JT addresses the question: Who killed the Bricca family?  JT was given unprecedented access to the case file, laden with once private information, shedding new light on this cold case.  JT Townsend answers, “Who dun it?” and renders a verdict.

Handsome Gerald Bricca, 26, his beautiful wife Linda, 23, and their adorable daughter Debbie, 4, were violently murdered in their suburban Cincinnati home on September 25th, 1966.  Gerald Bricca was last seen on Sunday, September 25th, 1966, around 10:00 p.m. at his home on Greenway Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Gerald, a workaholic, returned home from his job at Monsanto and was last seen by a neighbor taking trash cans to the curb, then going inside. Gerald was scheduled to go to the airport the following morning to catch a flight to West Virginia with a co-worker for a business trip, but he did not make that flight on Monday.  Neighbors noticed that newspapers began piling up on the driveway and the trash cans had not been taken in.  Also, the porch light was still on, the TV had been on for a couple days, and their 2 dogs had not been outside.  On Tuesday evening, concerned neighbors decided to check on the Bricca home and opened the unlocked front door.  When the door was opened, one neighbor, who was a war veteran, immediately recognized the smell of death.  He advised that nobody enter the home asked another neighbor to contact the Sheriff’s department. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office responded to find the family of 3 dead. Gerald and Linda Bricca were found in their bedroom, each having suffered numerous stab wounds to their chest, neck and face.  They were both bound at some point, but the material used was removed from their bodies and was not located. Gerald had two socks stuffed in his mouth with a small piece of medical tape (that's a clue). Linda was found lying on top of Gerald. Debbie was found in her bedroom, having suffered 4 stab wounds to her back, each stab going completely through her tiny body.  Over 400 interviews were conducted, yet more than 56 years later, this case remains officially unsolved.


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