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Sept. 26, 2022

2-The Careaga Family Gunned Down

2-The Careaga Family Gunned Down

Today’s case includes a harrowing 911 call by a16-year-old, a dangerous biker gang, and a quadruple homicide.  We’re talking about the 2018 murders of Johnny and Christale Careaga and their sons' Hunter Schaap and Jonathon Higgins in Washington state.  What led to an entire family being gunned down?


It's been a long road:' Loved ones react to arrests in 2017 quadruple murders of Careaga family

How Kitsap detectives' investigation links 3 men to the murders of the Careaga family

Trial set for suspects in 2017 killing of Seabeck family

Careaga murders: 3 suspects plead not guilty to Kitsap killings linked to cocaine, cash

The Careaga Family — Unresolved (911 call)

The Spotlight: Careaga Murders

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